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Decayed Teeth

Avoiding tooth decay

We always advise our patients to avoid eating unnecessary sugars, and maintaining a healthy diet. The key to good oral health are in the day-to-day habits we adopt so a lot of dental issues later in life and be avoided by taking care of what we eat now. This is the same for dental hygiene. It is important to brush your teeth regularly in order to prevent developing decayed teeth and other problems.

Squashes, fizzy drinks (whether diet or regular), fruit drinks, cocoa and milkshakes all cause harm to teeth. The sugar in them causes decay while the acid in both normal and diet drinks dissolves the enamel on the teeth.


The grooves (fissures) and pits on the biting surfaces of teeth can be particularly at risk from dental decay. A fissure sealant is a plastic coating which, when applied to these grooves and pits, can protect them from decay.


Sometimes a tooth may be beyond saving. Our dentists will give you the best advice on whether a decayed tooth needs to be removed, and what the options are for replacing missing teeth in order to give you a beautiful smile still.

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